Nordic bloggers experience Singapore

Related organized a blogger trip to the Lion City for a group of Nordic bloggers, resulting in amazing posts and social media buzz.


To many Nordic people, Singapore has for a long time been considered mainly a quick stop-over or business trip destination. To show young and modern Nordic travelers that Singapore is so much more than that, Related – on behalf of Singapore Tourism Board – organized a blogger trip to the Lion City. 

Before the trip, Related carefully selected nine lifestyle and travel bloggers based on a number of criteria, such as picture quality, activity on social media, readership and area of interest. Once the group of bloggers was invited and confirmed, the coordination began with bookings and scheduling the trip in cooperation with Singapore Tourism Board.

The trip offered the bloggers many exciting adventures, with Night Safari, cocktails at Raffles and exploring the culinary scene being among the favorites.

In total, the trip resulted in more than 130 blog posts, amazing travel reports and buzz on Instagram and Facebook – acting as great inspiration for the bloggers’ readers. After the trip, many readers also wrote to the bloggers that they had now booked a trip to Singapore.

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