Hong Kong IoT startup Ambi Labs wanted to introduce their brand and their new smart home AC and heat pump controller Ambi Climate Mini to the Nordic market. We helped them create a go-to-market strategy tailored to the Nordic lifestyle.


In Asia, where Ambi Labs is headquartered, an air conditioner is a household essential, due to the high humidity levels and soaring temperatures. In the colder Nordic countries, however, keeping warm is much more relevant, and heating is a large and complex category. We helped Ambi Labs investigate and understand the cultural differences in AC and heat pump use and created a narrative around the new Ambi Climate Mini specifically targeted to the Nordic lifestyle.

Many Scandinavians have heat pumps in their summer or winter cottages. Since nobody likes to arrive at an ice-cold and damp summer house, this was an opportunity for Ambi Climate Mini to shine, due to the AI functionality and pre-settings. We guided Ambi Labs towards more Nordic imagery and stories connected to cottage life in the winter holidays, as well as different supporting communications and marketing activities.

Over a period of six months, we created three press campaigns, pitched product reviews to key tech media, ran seasonal gift guides, wrote online content focusing on storytelling, did four Nordic influencer collabs and two native campaigns in key media, using informative articles to explain the complex area of smart home heating. We also ran a two-step display advertising campaign to reach consumers matching the relatively narrow area of interest. This latter effort to create more brand awareness was rewarded with 19.7 million impressions and 25,000 clicks.


Through carefully selected tech and lifestyle influencer ambassadors like GEX, Desiré Nymark and Maria Soxbo, the product was endorsed and product benefits such as smaller environmental impact, higher convenience and personal customization of indoor climate was successfully explained. The total reach of the influencer campaign was 450,000.

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