Italian tomato producer Mutti wanted to create awareness of food waste – and how canned tomatoes might be part of the solution. Therefore, we assisted Mutti in a three-part campaign.

The campaign consisted of:

  • A national food waste survey in Sweden and Norway, respectively. The results of the surveys were shared with trade and lifestyle media
  • An influencer campaign with well-known and respected food profiles in each country
  • A consumer blind-tasting event per market

The survey revealed among other things that 72% of the Swedes and 76% of the Norwegians are actively trying to reduce their food waste on a daily basis. The data also showed that most people are not aware that canned tomatoes can be a great alternative or supplement to fresh tomatoes.

To inspire the Swedes and Norwegians to become more creative with their left-overs and discover the food waste reducing properties of canned tomatoes, we teamed up with two food influencers with a deep interest for sustainability.  Swedish “living on a budget”-expert and dietician Hanna Olvenmark (portionenundertian) and Norwegian food influencer Linda Stuhaug created and shared their own recipe suggestions where canned replace fresh tomatoes. Their recipes and food waste tips reached over 500,167 readers combined.

In order to challenge the widespread assumption that fresh tomatoes taste better than high-quality canned tomatoes and also inspire consumers to include more canned tomatoes in their cooking, we arranged a blind-tasting event per country. A food truck was placed in central Oslo and Stockholm, where Mutti’s chef offered the passersby bruschetta: One made with imported fresh tomatoes and one made with Mutti’s canned tomatoes. Over 1,600 people participated in the blind-tasting events and the
ensuing votings. The poll station revealed Mutti as the clear winner in both cities!

Moreover, we shot a film about the consumer blind-tasting event, aimed at SoMe advertising
on Mutti’s owned channels. In this way, the food waste theme was covered in several channels
to achieve optimum impact.

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