On behalf of Bord Bia, the Irish food board, we teamed up with Danish celebrity chef Claus Holm to create a BBQ grill campaign across the Swedish and Danish markets in the summer of 2022.


Irish beef and lamb are famous for their high quality and rich taste, making the meat from the green island increasingly popular among the Danes and Swedes.

Our client Bord Bia, the Irish food board, wished to create more knowledge and awareness about the high quality and properties of Irish meat, which in part is because Irish cattle have an exceptionally high grass intake of 95% and both sheep and cattle spend the majority of their life on the wide hills of Ireland.

Therefore, we created a BBQ grill campaign across the Swedish and Danish markets in the summer of 2022, conveying the message that Irish grass fed beef and lamb have specific, positive nutritional properties and a rich taste – perfect for BBQ.

To do so, we teamed up with Danish celebrity chef Claus Holm, who has a deep personal love for the green island and its meat. He developed six inspirational recipes with tasty and approachable summer grill dishes using both lamb and beef.

The recipes were used as basis for an advertising campaign with several print ads in key high-quality food magazines, Spis Bedre, Samvirke and Gastro, as well as native advertising online and in newsletters. The recipes were also shared on multiple occasions on Claus Holm’s own social media platforms, which have a following of 170,000 highly engaged fans, and on Bord Bia’s owned media platforms, constituting great, searchable content.

On top of the recipe inspiration, an informative native article and advertorial took a deep dive into the grass fed theme to educate readers of Swedish food media Vinsider’s Midsummer issue, which is distributed with the newspaper Dagens Nyheter, reaching over 400,000 Swedes. The content was also published on and its consumer newsletter.

Combined, the summer campaign had an estimated reach of close to 4 million Danes and Swedes, providing informative and inspirational content about the high-quality Irish meat, which is perfect for Nordic BBQ dinners.

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