Group press trip showing unknown sides of Dubai

On behalf of Dubai Tourism, we initiated and coordinated a group press trip to Dubai focusing on the authentic side of the desert metropolis and some of its many hidden gems.


As Nordic press office for Dubai Tourism, we invited a group of six Nordic journalists from a mix of national newspapers, travel magazines and lifestyle magazines on a press trip to Dubai. Dubai endlessly pursues world records within luxury hotels and attractions, but beyond the world’s tallest building and the many skyscrapers, Dubai is also home to a colorful and fascinating culture and history just waiting to be explored.

To make Nordic travelers aware of this, the purpose of the press visit was to focus on the authentic and unknown side of Dubai.

The Nordic tier 1 media explored Dubai “off the beaten track” and some of the popular destination’s many hidden gems – from mountain and desert landscapes to local restaurants, and souks in the old town, as well as new cultural attractions. Not forgetting local food stalls and restaurants.

The press visit has subsequently resulted in a total reach of more than 3.7 million people across the different media and a total advertorial value of almost 320,000 USD.




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