To create awareness about Sound Blaster Play! 4, we teamed up with content creator Simon Lussetti.


Sometimes a product doesn’t look like much at first glance, but in fact contains a world of opportunities.

That’s the case with Creative Sound Blaster PLAY! 4, which was launched in February 2021. The product is a pocket-sized USB DAC containing features that can make video and conference calls more efficient as well as boost sound quality when watching movies and listening to music on your laptop. But how do you communicate this in a fun and interesting way towards end-consumers?

In order to engage relevant Swedish audiences and convey the multitude of possible audio improvements hidden in the tiny product, we teamed up with the Swedish content creator Simon Lussetti, who is an expert in creative videos.

The collaboration aimed at driving awareness about Sound Blaster Play! 4 and hinting about the product’s capabilities in a creative way on Simon Lussetti’s Instagram and TikTok channels. To that end Simon created a highly entertaining and creative video filled with visual effects to illustrate how powerful the device is. The video included a magic wand, sound-effects and a bit of acting.

Watch the video here:

The collaboration generated a total of 37,424 exposures and an interaction rate of 16%. The audience reached was 89% Swedes.

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