Nordic PR launch of Blue Microphones

Through an extensive PR campaign, Related was in charge of introducing Blue Microphones to the Nordic market.


Blue Microphones is one of the world’s most famous microphone companies. At the turn of the millennium, Blue introduced USB microphones and spawned the revolution of home recording.

But until 2016, Blue Microphones had yet to make their entrance into the Nordic market. To change this, Related was hired as their Pan-Nordic PR agency to oversee an extensive PR campaign with the purpose of introducing the Nordic customers to Blue’s acclaimed USB microphones.

In the first three months of the collaboration, a targeted PR effort that consisted of a combination of press releases, extensive media pitches, and the distribution of more than 50 USB microphones to key media and influencers (YouTubers and Bloggers) was carried out. This resulted in extensive coverage of the brand’s entrance into the market and numerous top score reviews.

Since then, Related has been in charge of all Nordic PR for Blue – including ongoing product launches of both USB microphones and Blue’s high-end headphones.

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