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How we work is Related

Everything we do – from PR and Marketing to trade and MICE – are based on our circular 3 step method: Insight, Innovate, Impact


This approach is applied to all clients and tasks; big or small.


We believe data is essential; both to understand the current situation and to outline the potentials ahead. Therefore, everything we do is based on market intelligence, data, and research. 


This allows us to make the best decisions and develop the most effective strategies, plans and campaigns, in close cooperation with our clients. We cross-combine insights from our own market intelligence tool (Travellyze) and qualitative surveys with publicly available statistics and trend reports.


We love synergies, efficiency, and high return on investment – but we love new ideas, unusual ways of thinking and taking chances just as much.


We don’t want to do the same as last year. And our innovation team and their defined processes makes sure we don’t! We apply these processes on all clients and activities throughout the year. We also prioritize inspirational days out of office – both individually and for the whole company.


Our insights and innovation processes make sure we always target the right audience with the right message at the right time – to create the best possible impact!


We secure ROI for our clients through PR, marketing, events, sales calls, marketing campaigns, fam trips, influencer activations, social media content and much more. And we always monitor and report the results – also when clients don’t ask us to do so!

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